Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Angela Ackerman - One Stop for Writers (and the Deafblind)

A brand new almost ready to launch description site!

And it's all for the deafblind!

Well, not intentionally.

Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi created The Bookshelf Muse a few years ago to help writers write better descriptions. It started with learning to write emotions. After all, what actions does a happy, sad, or depressed person do? It morphed into a place to learn about places and things they had never seen or done, such as a secret genetic laboratory, or a hunted house. A recent addition was an emotional wound thesaurus, including infertility and abuse survivors.

So how does this lead to helping the deafblind?

Many deafblind do not have an accurate understanding of emotions they may not be able to see or hear. The world may appear as blur, or they may only recognize what they can touch.

How does One Stop for Writers build on this as an excellent place for the deafblind to learn about anything they can't see or hear in real life?

All nine of the thesaurus mentioned on the Writers Helping Writers site are available, and more helpful ways to use them, including a text field to make notes, and connect those notes to the thesaurus entry.

Writers Helping Writers:
Character Traits Thesaurus Collection
Color, Texture and Shape Thesaurus Collection
Emotion Thesaurus Entry Collection
Emotional Wounds Thesaurus
Physical Attribute Thesaurus Collection
Setting Thesaurus Entry Collection
Symbolism and Motifs Thesaurus Collection
Talents & Skills Thesaurus Entries
Weather Thesaurus Entries Collection

Without giving too much away (it will be a paid site, sorry), I will discuss some of the points of the color pages. Each color name has an involved list of items that are that color, a list of hues, and a linking symbolism explanation.

Why is color so important?

For a person who has never had vision, this gives them an opportunity to learn everything they can about what society thinks about each color. The person can then make their own notes.

For a person who has lost their vision, this can help them remember their colors and associations.

Remember I said deafblind.

There is even a great section on sounds as well as sights, colors, patterns, shapes, and more.

This site will have a list of shortcuts to each individual thesaurus.  It is being tested with VoiceOver. While I am not the greatest with VoiceOver, I am sure they have many more people who are far more proficient with VoiceOver checking it.

The site will be available October 9th.

In the meantime, checkout the posts on Writers Helping Writers formerly, The Bookshelf Muse to learn more!  The One Stop site will take Writers Helping Writers and expand it in ways that will benefit everyone.  A great training resource for any situation.

One Stop for Writers Official link not available yet. It should go live October 9th!

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They do have print and ebooks available on Amazon
The Emotion Thesaurus
Emotion Amplifiers
The Negative Trait Thesaurus
The Positive Trait Thesaurus

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Description: One Stop Writing Tip Showing Emotion
     Emotion should always lead to decision-making, either good or bad, that will propel the story forward

Description: One Stop Writing Tip Showing Emotion
Body cues should create a strong mental picture.  If the movement is too drawn out or complicated, the emotional meaning behind the gesture may be lost.