Saturday, July 2, 2016

Uncovered Myths has a new website!

Uncovered Myths has a new website!

More pages.  More meet the characters section, with more to come!

More pictures.

More complimentary authors!  With more to come!  Marian Allen and One Stop for Writers have been added to the Uncovered Myths page.  Tony Noland and Merri Halma will be added soon.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Smashwords July Sale

Smashwords is having their 8th annual July Sale. July 1 - 31. Some of my books will be free. Others at 50% to 75% off.

Free For a limited time - July 1 - 31 only!

Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Desserts and Grains
Trails 1: Trails Through the Fault Lines
Crosswinds: Past, Present and Future Combine
VoiceOver With the Brailliant Braille Display

Uncovered Myths Books for 75% off!

Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Cookbook - $1.25
Journey Through Life Lists - $1.25

Uncovered Myths Books for 50% off!

Trails 2: Trails Through the Volcano - $1.50
Trails 3: Trails Through the Tales - $1.50
Trails 4: Trails Through the Garbage Mines - $ 1.50
Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Meats - $1.50
Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Vegetables - $1.50
Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Novel - $1.50

I'm sure my friends are going to laugh at me.  I often feel as if I am not accomplishing anything with my writing, making no forward progress.  Guess this list belies that.  Enjoy the sale!  Spread the word to your friends!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Deafblind Awareness Week

What is deafblind?

Deafblind is a combination of deafness and blindness.

Some people think deafblind cannot hear at all.

Most deafblind people hear at least a little.  Most wear hearing aids.  Some wear CI's.  Which are cochlear implants.  The look like round disks on the head, often hid by hair. There are many different kinds as the technology improves.

What can deafblind people hear?

It varies.  Some can hear high pitched tones.  Some can hear low pitched tones.  Some can hear and comprehend sounds, or even most speech with their hearing equipment.  The continuum can be constantly changing, based on weather, health (sinus problems and allergies), environment, background noise, and more.  If there are loud, non-speech sounds, they are often picked up before speech, which cancels out the speech.  This occurs with, or without, hearing aids.

The blind part.

Again, this is as compound/complex as the hearing.  To be legally blind means less than 20 degrees of vision.  Which is a small vision field.  Basically, looking through a single toilet paper roll.  For some - this 20 degrees is crystal clear.  It may be only central.  Or only peripheral.  Or a combination.  And then, comes the sliding scale as to how clear it may, or may not be.  Which, like hearing, can vary based on weather, lighting, health, sinus problems and allergies), environment, and more.  Some people only perceive shadows.  Others, only shapes. While some can still read large and bold print.

What can deafblind people do?

Anything they want to.  Or, maybe it should be, anything others allow them to.  They can work almost any job.  If employers will hire them. Some are very detail orientated, and can see the fly on the shed, and not the dog on the floor in front of them.  About the only thing not possible at this point is a driving job.  And yet, self driving vehicles are closer every day.

What age do people become deafblind?

Every age.  From birth to older adult. A person may go deaf first, and then lose their vision later.  They may lose them both together.  Or they may lose their vision first, and hearing later.

Can older adults learn to live deafblind?

Definitely.  Hearing aids may help.  Braille may help.  Canes may help.  There are many types of equipment that will allow a deafblind individual to access anything they want. Including phone calls, internet, and independent travel and shopping.

What is the biggest hurdle for deafblind people?

Lack of transportation and safe ways to walk to grocery stores, doctors, and even somewhere fun to relax.

What is the second biggest hurdle?

Communication.  Some deafblind people talk, make phone calls, and go anywhere they want, with, or without, a cane. Others only email, and travel with, or without a cane.  Still others have enough vision to lip read, or use sign language.  Especially if they were deaf first, and learned sign language as a child.

What assistance does a deafblind person need?

Ask.  No two have the same needs.  Some are happy to talk on the phone.  Others prefer to only communicate by email or text, and read it in braille or print to fully comprehend the message. Most important, don't treat them different.  They have the same wants, needs, and desires as everyone else.

VoiceOver With the Brailliant Braille Display

Learning VoiceOver on the Mac doesn't have to be difficult.

Improve your braille skills, while learning to navigate VoiceOver. With this manual, you'll practice step by step processes and build the foundation to work with nearly any program on the Mac with either the Brailliant Braille Display, or spoken VoiceOver itself. This foundation can be built upon as the Mac adds more programs, changes apps and programs, and adapts Siri for the Mac.

Command combination lists are shared, as well as information to help the reader distinguish what many spoken VoiceOver commands translate to as braille display commands.

This manual does not cover how to use the Brailliant Braille Display, or VoiceOver, on the iPhone or iPad.  Online opportunities exist to hear podcasts for braille displays in general with VoiceOver on the iPad and iPhone.  There is even an online list of VoiceOver commands for general braille displays for iPad and iPhone.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Journey Through Life Lists

Journey Through Life Lists

Journey Through Life Lists

Genre: Time Management
SubGenre: Stress Management, Memory, Life Stages

      Obligations including employment, family, friends, health, and bills keep the mind and body busy. Sometimes, too busy to remember the facts of time and place. This book of lists will decrease you stress, while assisting your memory, and enabling time management.
      Life changes in a hurry. Keeping up with the changes takes time and effort. Many people have turned to online calendars. Which are great. When the internet is up and running. Or, the power is on. This book of lists makes a useful backup. The forms can be printed, filled in, and filed in a water and fireproof safe for future needs. Others you may need on a daily basis.
      The journey begins with education, employment, volunteering, and publishing history. All are aspects of daily life that may be vital as your journey continues through daily twists and turns. However, they are easily forgotten. The journey wonders on through financial commitments, and into home and vehicle care. The next two segments are really the most important to the individual: self care, and family and friends. Meal pantry planners help you make your home and family life easier.
     Our technology oriented life leads us to need to keep up with computers, electronics, batteries needed, and warranty paperwork. Don't let it overwhelm you. Your health matters more than ever. Your health history will make doctor visits easier. There is even a food diary included. Don't neglect travel to rest the weary brain from the stresses of responsibilities. Travel lists make light work of planning and preparing to relax.
      Often, looking back over your achievements will encourage your memory development and retention. From jobs you've held, to awards you've won. You've done more in your life than you realize. Help yourself remember it. Keep your notes for the days you need them most. A scrapbook of your daily life.

Journeying through daily obligations can make life appear to race past so fast, that an event that seemed to happen days ago, really occurred years ago. Keep track of the past with lists of vital information to pave your way through the future.

New Beginnings
Home and Vehicle
Self Care
Family and Friends
Meals and Pantry
Computers and Electronics
Warranty Paperwork
Health Care
Food Diary

Authors Note:
Rating: G
Profanity: None.
Romance None.
Sex: None.
Violence: None.

Published Date: May 1, 2016

Ebook Price: 4.99
Print Price: 7.99 and 9.99

Published at:
Amazon (ASIN: B01E7FYK0E)

Cafe Press

Available as a print and large print book through Create Space on:
Regular - (ISBN 13: 978-1532735745 ISBN 10: 153273574X) 
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